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Big Dismal’s Resilient Return: Stay In The Fight


Orlando, FL –January 25, 2024 – Big Dismal, the iconic Florida rock band, is back and bolder than ever with their second single of 2023, the electrifying anthem titled “Stay In The Fight.” This powerhouse track is a sneak peek into their highly anticipated 2024 album, ‘Fly Again.’

Following their triumphant return with the 2023 single “Fly Again” and an acoustic rendition of their chart-topping hit “Rainy Day,” the powerhouse ensemble of vocalist Eric Durrance, guitarist Chuck Shea, bass guitarist Gary Sobel, and drummer Corey Lane, collectively known as Big Dismal, is poised to reclaim their prominence in the rock music scene. Notably, “Fly Again” dominated the ChristianRock radio charts for 27 weeks, reaching the pinnacle at #1 and securing the #10 spot on the 2023 yearly ChristianRock radio charts.
The momentum continues with their latest single, “Stay In The Fight,” currently making waves on ChristianRock radio and rapidly ascending on the radio charts. Big Dismal’s new releases are now featured on all Christian Rock radio stations, solidifying their presence across the airwaves.

Adding to the remarkable resurgence is Big Dismal signing with the Silent Majority Group label and the involvement of the legendary manager Jeff Hanson. Hanson, formerly Big Dismal’s manager during their initial ascent to success two decades ago, boasts a successful history of guiding multi-platinum artists like Creed, Paramore, Candlebox, Sevendust, and Alterbridge. Now, having conquered a 10-year battle with cancer, Hanson is steering the ship for Big Dismal’s resurgence, bringing an extra layer of inspiration to the band’s story and their latest release.

“Stay In The Fight,” penned by vocalist Eric Durrance, is more than just a rock anthem; it’s a beacon of hope and resilience. Durrance, drawing from a recent personal tragedy shares, “It’s what I wish so desperately I could’ve said to [my son]. Now that he’s gone, all I can do is use my situation to try and reach others before it’s too late. My hope and dream for the song is that it reaches those who need it the most. That it may save lives.”
Guitarist Chuck Shea adds, “We really wanted to turn up the rock side of Big Dismal this time around.” The result is a catchy, heavy rock sound that showcases the band’s musical prowess. Bass guitarist Gary Sobel emphasizes, “We have the players born to do this stuff. It’s in our blood.” Drummer Corey Lane describes the song as “a powerful anthem that encourages listeners to confront challenges head-on and find strength in adversity.”

“Stay In The Fight” not only marks the beginning of a new chapter for Big Dismal but also delivers a profound message that transcends the music itself. It’s a powerful reminder of the band’s ability to connect with audiences on a deeper level, offering encouragement, hope, and peace.

Guitarist Chuck Shea expresses his excitement, saying, “We are really looking forward to getting back out there and playing live. To have the chance to play these new songs along with the hits from ‘Believe’ is going to be incredible. To be onstage with my brothers is what it’s all about!”

Experience the intensity of “Stay In The Fight” now by visiting, and stay tuned for all the latest news and updates from Big Dismal on their website and social media channels.
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