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History & Mission


Our History

Solid Rock Radio, established in June 2006 by William Moore, operates as an exclusively online radio station devoted to broadcasting Christian Rock music and programming. Transitioning to Solid Rock Radio, Inc on May 28, 2018, the organization embarked on a significant transformation, initiating the process to attain non-profit status. This endeavor reached its culmination on March 11, 2019, with the official approval from the IRS, designating Solid Rock Radio, Inc as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Guided by the unshakable foundation of Jesus Christ, Solid Rock Radio is committed to delivering the Word of God through its music and programming. In alignment with Matthew 7:24-27, Luke 6:48, and Psalm 95:1, William Moore’s vision for the station is to effectively share the message of Jesus Christ with the lost, using the powerful medium of music. As a listener-supported platform, we depend on the generosity of our audience to sustain our operations and continue our mission of spreading the transformative power of Christian Rock music.

Our Mission

  • To encourage believers with God-centered and Christ-exalting Christian Contemporary and Christian Rock music, events and programming.
  • To prayerfully draw non-believers to Christ through music, events and programming.
  • To partner with local churches in the community and surrounding areas to bring Christian Concerts and events to the area.
  • To proclaim the supremacy of Christ over all things.

Our Statement of Faith


Inspiration of the Bible

We believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God.

The Holy Trinity

We believe in one God existing in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Son of God

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God as revealed to us in the Bible. He was born of a virgin birth and conceived by the Holy Spirit. He lived a perfect life, performed miracles and was crucified on the cross and rose from the dead.

Creation and fall of man

We believe that God created man as perfect beings, however, we sinned in the garden. Our punishment was a physical and spiritual death, which separated us from God.


We believe that all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. Repentance is commanded of us by God and is required for the forgiveness of our sins.


We believe in water baptism and all that receive salvation should be baptized.


We believe in the Lord’s Supper and that it is commanded to the saints to do in remembrance of Him. It signifies his death, resurrection and second coming.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues as described in the book of Acts.

The Great Commission

We believe that the Church is the body of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to evangelize the world, worship God and to encourage believers.

Divine Healing

We believe divine healing is provided for all in the atonement.

Second coming of Christ

We believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ from heaven. First, to resurrect the righteous dead and to catch away the living saints with Him in the air. Second, to reign on the earth for a thousand years. After, will come the final judgement of the wicked and then a new heaven and a new earth.