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Set For The Fall – Product Of Pressure

Set For The Fall's single "Product Of Pressure" stands as an unbridled testament to the band's prowess in delivering an emotionally charged, hard-hitting musical experience that is as raw as it is resonant. Check out their video below. If you like dominant guitars, amazing... Read More.

Lacey Sturm – Reconcile

Lacey Sturm, renowned for her powerful vocals and emotive lyrics, once again delivers an impactful musical experience with her song "Reconcile." If you are a fan of Flyleaf's Beautiful Bride era, you will love this! Has that old Flyleaf feel to it, that I am... Read More.

The Executioner

The Executioner   The Executioner has just been released by Disciple, well the video! If you want it on digital, if you will have to wait just a few more hours! This is a banger! Fans were loving this on the live premiere on YouTube! We... Read More.

Ben S Dixon – Joy To The World (Receive Your King)

Ben S Dixon, just dropped a new banger just in time for Christmas! We hope you enjoy this as much as we did! We love it when artist put out some Christmas music that rocks! Especially, when it is original, or they put their... Read More.

Zahna reminds Us To Die for Something

Zahna reminds us to die for something in her newest song, "Die For Something", featuring Nesdam. The song will be on her new album, Stonger Than Death. It comes out February 10, 2023.  You can pre-order here or via the links... Read More.

Demon Hunter – Master

Demon Hunter recently released, Exile on October 28, 2022. Exile is the bands eleventh studio album. I have not had a chance to listen to all of the songs yet, but I have had, Master on repeat, specifically, the version Ryan Clark uploaded from... Read More.

Matt Sassano – Dear God

Matt Sassano is at it again with another great single and music video, Dear God. Dear God is a single off his upcoming EP, In Defiance that drops August 26, with Rockfest Records. Matt Sassano previously released, Not My Name, which... Read More.

LoveLike Violence – Apocalypse

LoveLike Violence is an Ohio based band that brings passion to their music. They just returned from their 6 year hiatus with some brand-new singles. They have released two singles off their upcoming album, Paper Bags, due out on July 15, 2022. Their first single,... Read More.

NESDAM Releases “One Block Away”

Rock Artist NESDAM Releases Powerful New Single “One Block Away”   Everyone of us has or will lose someone who means the world to us in life. It is sadly the reality in which we will all face sooner or later. Whether it is family,... Read More.