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The Grave Denial Releases Cloak & Dagger


The Grave Denial just released this music video for Cloak and Dagger. The first thing that came to my mind was an old movie released in 1984, I was only 4, but enjoyed when I was older. The only thing shared with the movie and this song is that it is epic. The song was produced by the best in the industry and front man of As We Ascend, Jacob Jones. Check out the great info below and watch the video. Please share this on your social media pages and go give The Grave Denial a like and follow!


About Cloak and Dagger

Cloak and Dagger was written by their producer Jacob Jones, Ryan Carver and front-man Steven Rester. We sat down with Ryan Carver and this is what he had to say,  “The song is about society today towards Christians and the way Christians act towards society. It seems more and more people go to Church on Sunday, totally devoted to God but the rest of the week you would never know they are Christians. They hide their faith so not to be ridiculed, Cloak and Dagger. We are trying to say, no more, time to rise and be bold. Let the world know you’re a Christian and you’re not hiding it anymore.”

About The Grave Denial

Jacob Hannah–Drums, Steven Rester–Vocals, Ryan Carver–Guitars

The Grave Denial based out Nashville, TN and Phoenix, AZ has taken the industry by storm with their hard-hitting rock with a message. The members share a common vision of goal through their love of music and that is to share their love of God to others. The Grave Denial brings a diverse range of musical influences such as: Metallica, Disciple, Fight The Fury and Parkway Drive. They have been working on a new album with award winning producer and As We Ascend front-man, Jacob Jones and will released March 2020.


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