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Manafest Releases All Time High Music Video




Manafest releases All Time High, off his new album, This Is Not The End.

We usually do not spotlight, Christian Rap but we make a few exceptions for artist like Manafest. We love him as a artist and the music that Chris releases it  is nothing short of amazing! His writing speaks volumes. If you have not checked out his other releases, Plan For Me and This Is Not The End, we strongly encourage you to do so. Check out the official for All Time High, below and make sure to share!

Chris mentioned during his release e-mail “This was a collaboration between my long time friend Chris Stacey who directed it. Plus the talented Todd Nielsen who painted me in three different outfits.”

“24/7 go 365
Living life like I’m never gonna die
Cause I’m at an all-time high
Don’t pull me down, down, down not me I’m going off so high I’m free”




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