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The Grizzly Awards – Voting Is Now Open


The Grizzly Awards voting is now open! You can make your voice heard by nominating band/artist for each category. We reported on The Grizzly Awards at end of January when Solid Rock Radio and others in the industry nominated some great artist and producers.

You can vote by clicking here, but first check out all these great nominees. You can click on the individual l songs for music videos or lyric videos below. Please share and spread the word voting closes soon.

The Grizzly Awards is also asking for your donations to help with the next event to host it at a facility and honor the

artist involved. To donate via PayPal, follow this link. No account is required. Show them some love!


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Album of the Year: Metal/Metalcore

Peace, War (Demon Hunter)
Void (War of Ages)
Eclipse (Wolves at the Gate)
Dawn of Destruction (The Persuaded)
Voices (Death Therapy)

Album of the Year: Modern Rock

Tension (Random Hero)
Love Letter Kill Shot (Disciple)
Victorious (Skillet)
Closer to Chaos (Seventh Day Slumber)
Heart Attack (Relent)

Album of the Year: Alternative Rock

Native Tongue (Switchfoot)
Liquid Exorcist (Rusty Shipp)
Supernatural (Paradise Now)
Strong & Brave (Adelaide)
For We Are Not Yet, We Are Only Becoming (Comrades)

Song of the Year: Metal/Metalcore

“On My Side” (Demon Hunter)
“It’s Okay” (Death Therapy)
“The Cure” (Wolves At The Gate)
“Like Poison” (Righteous Vendetta ft. Trevor McNevan)
“Mr. Creeps” (Glasslands)

Song of the Year: Modern Rock

“Legendary” (Skillet)
“Panic Room” (Disciple)
“Tension” (Random Hero)
“My Declaration” (Bayless)
“In Your Wake” (Relentless Flood)

Song of the Year: Alternative Rock

“Native Tongue” (Switchfoot)
“Breaking Waves” (Rusty Shipp)
“Powerless” (The Midnight Wedding)
“Love Will Win” (Paralandra)
Wilder Woods (Light Shine In)

Music Video of the Year

“Tension” (Random Hero)
“The Evening Hate” (Red)
“Too Late” (Amongst the Giants)
“Set Me Free” (Relentless Flood)
“Your Gun My Knife” (Zahna)

Lyric Video of the Year

“Panic Room” (Disciple)
“Alive Again” (Seventh Day Slumber)
“No More Suffering” (Bayless)
“Save Me” (Skillet)
“Everything is Fine” (Fight the Fade)

Best Rock Radio Station/Show (Non-voting category; all nominees will be honored)

Solid Rock Radio
Backstage with Stevie B on 107.1 KOUJ
Some Sort of Rock Show with John Staffieri
Rockfest Radio
Tatro At Night (KGNZ)

Best Vocalist

Kevin Young (Disciple)
Jon Foreman (Switchfoot)
Laura Respondek (Adelaide)
Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter)
Zene Smith (Fight the Fade)

Best Songwriter

Josiah Prince
Rob Graves
Kellen McGregor
Chris Greenwood (Manafest)
Korey Cooper

Best Guitarist

Andrew Stanton (Disciple)
Marco Pera (Amongst the Giants/SDS)
Anthony Armstrong (RED)
Weston Evans
CJ English (GFM)

Best Bass Player

Jason Wisdom (Death Therapy)
Ken Reed (Seventh Day Slumber)
Rob “Los” McDonough (Random Hero)
Joe Vargas (The Persuaded)
Randy Armstrong (RED)

Best Drummer

Joey West (Disciple)
Abishai Collingsworth (Wolves at the Gate)
Patrick Madsen (Random Hero/Zahna)
Blaise Rojas (Seventh Day Slumber/Amongst the Giants)
TD Benton (White Collar Sideshow)

Best Album Art Design

War, Peace (Demon Hunter)
Void (War of Ages)
Love Letter Kill Shot (Disciple)
Native Tongue (Switchfoot)
Closer To Chaos (Seventh Day Slumber)

Best International Band (Outside of the U.S.)

Paradise Now
Amongst Wolves
Signum Regis
All Above Me

Producer of the Year

Josiah Prince
Kellen McGregor
Jake Jones
Jeremy Holderfield
Travis Wyrick

Legacy Award (Bands Who Released Albums in 1999)

Audio Adrenaline

Gallery of Nominees: