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Bayless – No More Suffering



Bayless releases, No More Suffering. Please read and share with your friends and family. Make sure you follow Bayless on all their social media platforms and watch the lyric video below!

About Bayless


Vanessa and Jared Bayless

Bayless, is a husband and wife combo from Cheyenne, Wyoming. Jared and Vanessa are no strangers to song writing and they had both recorded and wrote music before marriage. After marriage they began to work on their sound. Their passion grew to reach the world with a message of the hope of Jesus Christ through music.

Bayless has quickly gained the attention of radio this year, their single, My Deceleration reached  #5 on National Christian Rock charts and #14 on Top 100 songs of 2019 on Christian Music Weekly.

No More Suffering recently reached #8 after just five weeks since it’s debut.


About No More Suffering


We reached out to with Jared Bayless who explained what No More Suffering is about.

“No More Suffering was birthed out of the weariness of the world we live in. Have you ever had those days where you’re tired of hearing of cancer and death of a loved one or the death of a child and you’re just done? It was one of those days in which No More Suffering was born.”



We have some great friends, who also serve on our worship team at the church I am a pastor at; adopt a little girl from the Ukraine several years ago. Ruby was unwanted and left to die in an orphanage when they found her. She had a facial issue called, Craniosynostosis, where her face was fused early. She was viewed as if there was something wrong with her and was abandoned. When they adopted Ruby, they took her in, loved her as their own and when she was old enough, they would do the surgery to fix her facial issues.


That day came, and they picked a surgeon who was the best of the best. However, the surgery entailed much and they would need to crush her skull and rebuild it. The surgeon had done the surgery hundreds of times before. They felt confident. But unfortunately, something went wrong with little Ruby and the surgeon nicked a vein, causing bleeding, leading to a heart attack and stroke. We prayed and she made progress but unfortunately, she passed away. The surgeon came out and told them the news and instead of blaming the surgeon, they said they forgave him and the prayed with him. They got a chance to minister to him. It did not mean there wasn’t anger and hurt from losing a child, but there was God’s peace that was evident in that moment.”


The Writing Process

Jared told us, “I sat down and wrote the first verse of the song and just wrote some chords that sounded pretty for a chorus, hit record and out came, “One day there’ll be no more suffering and one day there’ll be rest for me. But not today…” One day we won’t have to deal with the weight of death and the weight of suffering of children and loved ones, but until that day, we are called as believers to live for today and to lead the way in our grace and humility and forgiveness, even when it hurts so badly. One day love will come down, that being Jesus, and he will take us home, but until that day, we will be the light in the darkest times and in the darkest of places. We will show radical love because a loving Savior will be our guiding light, even if the path sometimes seems so dim.”


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Bayless – No More Suffering (Lyric Video)