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Plug Into The Rock Fest 2017
Buy Tickets here! Hey Augusta GA! This concert is for you! Broken Outreach and Solid Rock Radio proudly brings you, Plug Into The Rock Fest 2017 Read more
Seventh Day Slumber - Found
Check out the title track "Found" from Seventh Day Slumber. Read more
Light 45
Check out Light 45 "The Maze" Read more
Prayers Up
What if our prayers went unfulfilled because we were never clear on what we needed? Specificity in prayer goes a long way. Read more
This Is The Year
It was nearly 3 weeks ago that you and I may have made such declarations. I'm sure at the time we meant them. I mean who doesn't follow through on life altering decisions made late at night after too many sips of Martinelli's, as the ball drops in NYC's Time Square faster than Mariah Carey's performance (bless her heart)! Read more
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