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AJ Newton Talks Drums and Rusty Shipp

AJ Newton

My guest this week is AJ Newton, 2020 Jesus Freak Hideout Artist of the year, drummer for Rusty Shipp, and the artist relations manager at Outlaw Drums. AJ wanted to drop in to tell us about the launch of the Rusty Shipp Indiegogo campaign for the new full-length album. He teases more tracks, more perks, than the last. While we were at it, we took time to talk about fan collecting and his new drumkit that was custom-made by Outlaw drums from reclaimed wood. When he is not touring or recording, AJ is works with them and other drummers to make sure they have the drum set they need for their art.  I hope you have enjoyed the call as much as I did.

Check out the Indiegogo campaign information and get your package ordered!

Check out my interviews up on the archive page.






Rusty Shipp

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I am a believer, mom, wife, and a music fanatic. My love is for rock and metal bands with a faith-based worldview and my personal ministry is to serve musicianaries by providing for their touring needs. I am a co-founder of The Grizzly Awards, the first rock and metal award show for faith-based bands and I serve on the booking team of CVJM Loud and Proud Festival in Betzdorf, Germany.