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Reflect Love Back – The Return


Sometimes a song comes along that you just have to keep hitting replay, and this is one of them. I have not been able to get this song off my heart. The song is written by Lacey and Josh Sturm. You may know Lacey from her time with Flyleaf (2002-2012). Her and her husband has a series on Youtube called Reflect Love Black, that I just recently came across and if you have been following them they will be releasing the soundtrack to their devotional series, and volume 1 will be released on Sunday, April 14 2019. Five tracks can be previewed here and the music video for The Return can be watched below!

This song, “The Return”, is hands down straight from heaven, in other words it’s anointed. The song will quickly usher you into worship and reflection. It’s a song of redemption and love. It’s not until we realize that we have to empty our our hands of things that are keeping us away from where God wants us, and let Him fill our hands with his plans for us.

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