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Jenna Parr Break Me – Exclusive Premiere




Solid Rock Radio is privileged to bring you this Jenna Parr Exclusive Premiere of Break Me by Jenna Parrr. Please share with family and friends. As of this article Jenna Parr’s single Break Me is #11 on the Christian Music Weekly Rock Charts! Break Me comes just at the right time when we need to reminded that while the world is crashing around us that God is still God and He is on the throne!


About Break Me


Fellow label-mate Matt Lane of Heroz Dawn first came up with the idea of Break Me, and I instantly fell in love with it. While tracking the vocals, I really connected with the words and felt like so many other people would too. Break Me is about God breaking us down to be built back up again. As humans, we’re all stubborn and want things to go our way, but ultimately, God has His own plan for each of our lives. Sometimes we need to be broken down, so we can remember that God is in control and He’s always there for us in times of hardship and happiness

About Jenna Parr


Rising Christian artist, Jenna Parr, had a small, humble start in the little town of Blackshear, Georgia. Coming from a musical family, it was evident that she was born with musical talents.


Early Ages


Jenna grew up in First Baptist Church and performed in musicals and choirs there since she was a toddler. “For as far back as I can remember, I would beg for a solo in every musical we had at church. I was a sassy little kid and loved having the spotlight,” Jenna said laughingly. During her elementary years, she participated in three school talent shows with her singing and had roles in community wide musicals. She also began taking piano lessons in the third grade and continued them until she graduated from high school.

From junior high to high school, Jenna continued to participate in school talent shows by singing while playing piano. “Most kids are terrified of performing in front of their entire school,” she said, “but I found it intriguing. I had been in the school and church choirs for my whole life, so it wasn’t weird for me to sing in front of my peers.”

In the eighth grade, Jenna began to play piano in the worship band at her church. Not long after that, she began to lead the singing as well. “It was extremely scary at first to play with a whole band, but I grew to love it. The other musicians were amazing, and I could feel their love for the Lord through their music,” she explained. It wasn’t until then that Jenna finally felt her calling and gave her life to the Lord. “It’s like something in my brain finally clicked,” she said, “I realized why I had always loved performing so much from a young age. Everytime I sing or play piano, I get an indescribable feeling that I know is from God. And if He gave me these talents, then I need to spend my life using them to glorify Him.”


The Present


In June of 2019, Jenna released her new rock single, Made For This. The song features artists Randall Broadhead from We Are Vessel and rapper Jordan Copas. The single hit top 40 on Christian rock charts and is the title track to her new EP that came out in January of 2020.

For Full unedited bio check out her About Jenna Parr



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