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Spoken Releases Powerful New Video In The Dark – A Message of Faith and Resilience


Spoken, recently released their latest video for the song “In The Dark.” off their newest album, Reflection. The video features powerful imagery and lyrics that speak to the struggles and triumphs of faith.

During a recent interview with XOVR Records, Matt Baird of Spoken wants to remind you what this album is about:

“Reflection is about, it’s a reflection of life. It’s looking back but yet moving forward. It’s not about staying there .. We can’t stay there.
Matt Baird

“In The Dark” is a powerful song that explores the theme of finding hope and strength in times of darkness and uncertainty. The band’s lead vocalist delivers emotive vocals that are complemented by the melodic guitar riffs and driving drum beats.

Do you find yourself in the dark and nowhere to turn? The song poses a profound question that resonates with the human experience, prompting us to contemplate our trials and tribulations. It serves as a poignant reminder that life offers more than dwelling in darkness, urging us to seek the light amidst our struggles.

Do you believe surrender changes everything There’s more than pain in your heart Do you believe surrender changes everything There’s more than life in the dark

You can move on, don’t stay in the dark, you are meant for more. Surrender, everything to God and He will see you through!

Check out the song below. Make sure to follow Spoken and support them!




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