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Skillet Teases New Single


Skillet Teases New Single! So, I am late to the game. Thanks to our friends over at Rock On Purpose , I saw the article and started doing the prompts by calling the number in the picture. I encourage you to call it, yes creepy, but it is so worth it! At first when I saw this I was like ok, what does, No Vacancy, have to do with a single. Yes, it’s the hotel is a play on the infamous Bates Motel, in Skillet’s world it is Fates Motel. So, I was like, hmm School Of Rock meets 7 Days To Die. Not sure many will get it, but yeh nothing to do with that!

Once you go through the prompts you will be sent a form to fill out, do it! After that, you will be sent a second link to finish securing your spot in a hotel with no vacancy and get sent a teaser for the new song. I am not going to give any spoilers, so go now! Before the psycho in the walls gets you!

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