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Panic Room Video Released By Disciple

Disciple gave fans a treat when they released a live concert video of the fan-favorite off of Love Letter Killshot, “Panic Room.” Joel Burris produced this video. Joel Burris recorded this on the last date of the Love Letter Killshot Tour in 2019 in Frankfort, Kentucky. It has a nice blend of the live performance aspect of Disciple. The video also shows the passion of the fans. This video is a way to get that live music feel with the lack of concerts to go to in person.

Disciple’s next concert is their live stream, “Anniversary X Livestream.” This live stream features the tenth anniversary of their studio album, Horseshoes and Handgrenades. This will feature some performances from members who performed on that album. There are multiple options other than just the live stream ticket. Other items available for purchase include merch and a download of the live stream audio.


Disciple – Panic Room








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