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Nate Parrish drops “Bad Excuse”


By: Mary Nikkel of Rock On Purpose

Nate Parrish drops “Bad Excuse,” a punk rock reminder to use your voice

Punk rocker, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nate Parrish’s latest track “Bad Excuse” came out swinging today. You can find it at

“Bad Excuse” is the first track from an upcoming full-length album, due out later in 2024. Like much of Parrish’s music, it’s positioned as sacredly subversive.

“‘Bad Excuse’ is a call to speak truth to power, whether it’s a political, religious or social system,” the songwriter reveals. “I believe it’s vital that we use our voice to speak for not only ourselves, but those who can’t speak for themselves. If you’re like me, you often feel helpless watching those in power get away with corruption while they offer another bad excuse. But I believe in justice. Sometimes we just need a single voice to get the choir started.”

Nate Parrish’s rock and roll tones are perfectly poised to be that voice. With the countercultural ethos of punk married to a deeply intentional self-produced approach, Parrish put his faithful rebellion on the radar with I’m A Wreck and Soul Surgery. “Bad Excuse” ushers in a new era: one in which Nate Parrish is intentionally drawing on other expert voices to hone his music. Awarded rock producer Josiah Prince (Disciple) collaborated on the track, and is working closely with Parrish on the rest of the album.

Speaking of the collaboration process, Parrish says, “We have toured together in the past, and for my next project I knew that I had hit the wall as far as what I could do recording on my own in my home studio. Josiah has really taken my sound to the next level. I’m stoked on this song, as well as what we have coming out down the road.”

Nate Parrish is also partnering with independent boutique record label Fair Vaux on his new music, and distributing it through Steadfast Records.

When asked about the year ahead, Parrish shares that in addition to the album, fans can expect “more live performances and more collaborative projects.”

As an experienced guitarist with a history playing for rock worship bands Worth Dying For and Kutless, Nate has continually offered a unique blend of musical exploration and thoughtful, spiritually sensitive lyrics that prod at our culture in the interest of drawing us a little closer to Christ. You can find Nate Parrish on Spotify and Apple Music, and follow him on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube.