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Fit For A King The Path


September seems to be the month for releases, we will get to that in another article. Fit For A King drops their sixth album, The Path. The band announced on their Facebook page early this morning that it is now our worldwide!

The Path, is the hardest release that we have featured this year on Solid Rock Radio and is worth checking out! I am also going to go out on a limb and proclaim this will be the best release to date, but don’t take my word for it!  If you missed the premiere of their Official Music Video for The Path, you can check out below! The video is full of pyro, heavy guitars, amazing vocals and high kicks!


Destroying the fear, ignoring the lies, embracing the pain. The strong survive. Destroying the fear ignoring the lies, its time to fight. If you’re broken, if you’re bleeding, if you’re dying for somebody to believe in; Don’t you turn back, you’ve got a story to tell. We’ll find the path out of hell.





1. The Face of Hate
2. Breaking The Mirror
3. Annihilation
4. The Path
5. Prophet
6. Locked (In My Head)
7. God of Fire
8. Stockholm
9. Louder Voice
10. Vendetta



Get ready for 10 tracks that will melt your face off! You will not be disappointed! For more details –


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