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Zahna reminds Us To Die for Something


Zahna reminds us to die for something in her newest song, “Die For Something”, featuring Nesdam. The song will be on her new album, Stonger Than Death. It comes out February 10, 2023.  You can pre-order here or via the links below this article. There are autographs and physical copies available for pre-order at the time this article was written.

This song is really really great. I know I sound cliché, but I do mean this. This song is powerful. The more I watched and listened to the song the more meaning I pulled from it personally. What made this song so great was not how great Zahna told the story which was awesome, but it was the dynamic between her and Nesdam that really brought the story home.

The meaning to the video is open to interpretation and I have mine and I think it is pretty good, but that is for another article! The driving theme of the video is, Die For Something! If today was your last, what have you done? What has your purpose been? Bleed for something, die for something!

My favorite verse from the song:

My death will be my victory, but If this is the end, I wanna die for something


Check out the video below. Make sure to follow Zahna and Nesdam on their socials. Stay tuned to Solid Rock Radio for all your music news and more!





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