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Relent Is Awakening You To The Last Days


Relent the Nu/Hard Hard band from San Antonio is at it again, this time with, Last Days.

Last Days, brings an in-your-face awakening that we are in fact drawing closer to the Last Days. As of the article, it is #7 on Christian Music Weekly Rock charts! Way to go Relent and Rockfest Records.


We reached out to frontman Miggy Sanchez of Relent to get some insight behind the song, Last Days and this is what he had to say:


“It’s an expression of my viewpoints and my frustrations with what I see.

The intro and first verse set the stage for the rest of the song. There’s no secret behind what I’m talking about. Nor did I feel I had to be subliminal with this topic. The times we are in are absolutely dark and dark on many levels as well. Not just what we see in the media but also what’s happening behind the scenes. The things that aren’t talked about at all but in a weird way are still in plain sight. In this song, I express my frustrations with not just the world, but the church as well. I’ve seen compromise taken place for the sake of popularity. We are in a place in our day where yes in fact we do need “Love” but the love we represent doesn’t come alone. It is neck and neck with “truth. You can’t have one without the other. The love we stand for isn’t passive. So, neither should our voices be. With good things being called evil, and evil things being called good, we are indeed in “The Last Days”.


Make sure to check out the video below. Show Relent some love on all their socials! I am sure they will appreciate it.








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