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GFM crashes the party in their new video SMILE



GFM is taking over this time with a brand new single, Smile, but things are not always what they appear to be! Balloons, glitter paint, jellyfish and strobes oh my! Smile is their third single off Operation Taking Over. Smile is produced and written by Joey Sturgis Billy Decker, Eric Varnell, and Blair Daily. The video was produced and edited by NBR Entertainment,

The song in GFM fashion reminds you that you are at a pep rally to draw you in, then the beat drops it gets into gear!  At one point where CJ was asking if everyone was ready, it sort of reminded me when Dave, from Alvin and The Chipmunks, is asking if everyone is ready. Of course, Maggie is off riding her tricycle! I love it! This song really shows what GFM is trying to do and that is breaking boundaries and reaching people with their message. In addition, showing that music can be fun and encouraging. The sisters look like they really had a lot of fun making this video.

Make sure you watch the entire video, there may or may not be a clue to an upcoming future video at the end. I was not able to get a clear answer from GFM’s manager. She just said to wait and see! Make sure and share with all your friends!


When asked about the meaning behind the song:

Being happy and enjoying life doesn’t have to be accomplished in the cookie-cutter way. “SMILE” reminds people to dig deeper before assuming someone is not happy.


Official Video



S-M-I-L-E why don’t you smile for me

S-M-I-L-E now follow me


What makes you think

You know what’s going on in my mind

What gives you the right

To think you can call this my bad side

How can you care if you don’t know the truth

Do you think everyone should be like you

Don’t make me wrong, don’t make me right

If I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna smile

Doesn’t mean that I’m not happy

Doesn’t mean that I’m half dead

Doesn’t mean that I’ve got issues swimming in my head

You don’t know the way I’m feeling or the way I live my life

Don’t tell me to, don’t tell me to smile

The look on my face

I’ve become your latest obsession

It’s safe to say

I think you’ve got the wrong impression

How can you care if you don’t know the truth

Do you think everyone should be like you

Look at me now, straight from my mouth

If I don’t wanna turn my frown upside down

Okay, okay everyone settle down

Boys and girls are you ready

LuLu are you ready

I know I’m ready

Maggie are you ready, Maggie




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