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Surviving The Game from Skillet Announced

MULTI-PLATINUM ROCKERS SKILLET TO DROP LONG- AWAITED NEW ACTIVE ROCK SINGLE "SURVIVING THE GAME" SEPTEMBER 15 Multi-platinum and GRAMMY-nominated rock band SKILLET has announced their long-awaited, first single in over a year, “Surviving The Game” (Atlantic). The track will be sent to Active Rock radio... Read More.

Jonah 33 Re-releases Bullet from a Gun

Jonah 33 has re-released Bullet From A Gun, originally released on April 30, 2014 with their EP Dead Man Walking, via Boleyn Records. This release follows a Facebook post from 2019 hinting at a possible re-release of the Dead Man Walking EP. Jonah 33 was a... Read More.

Zahna Releases Better Run!

Zahna releases her original single in nearly three years, Better Run! Zahna is back and better than ever. with a new sound! The song teases you with a split second techno sound then the beat drops. This song is layered with some heavy guitar riffs... Read More.

The Letter Black Announces Video and Album Dates!

In their latest live Facebook stream, Sarah and Mark Anthony of The Letter Black announced what fans have been waiting on, the release date of the new album and a surprise music video! The music video for, Born For This ft. Trevor McNevan will... Read More.

Jonah 33 To Re-Release Bullet From A Gun

Jonah 33 announced via their Facebook page that Bullet From A Gun would be re-released on on July 30th. Bullet From A Gun was originally released on April 30, 2014 with their EP Dead Man Walking. This release follows a Facebook... Read More.

Melancholy Machines Released by Death Therapy

Death Therapy have released their latest album entitled Melancholy Machines via Tooth & Nail Records. The album was released on June 4th, 2021 and follows singles Tension, Familiar Shadows, and the eponymous Melancholy Machines released earlier this year. Fans of Death Therapy will be pleased to... Read More.

Broadhead Music Group Signs Boiling Point

BROADHEAD MUSIC GROUP ANNOUNCES SIGNING OF BOILING POINT     Broadhead Music Group is excited to announce a new addition to their family with the signing of “Boiling Point” this week.  Although Boiling Point listeners might come for the passionate vocals and memorable guitar hooks,... Read More.