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Becoming the Archetype is Back on Backstage

After a decade long hiatus, Becoming the Archetype has dropped a single with a video in anticipation of a new album. The band and I got on a call and we had a great time reminicing about the beginnings of the band and talking... Read More.

Rusty Shipp Talks With Mothership About The New Album

Rusty Shipp and drummer, AJ Newton give us a run down of their new album The Dark Side of the Ocean, their upcoming single, "What's Kraken?," and the success of their first single and video from the album "Bottom of the Barrel." Tune... Read More.

Chaotic Resemblance, New Album and More

Chaotic Resemblance just released a new album call Nazarites. They talked with me about that and more from the parking lot of a Home Depot while on tour. Check out the new music and the interview. Tune in Monday night, June 20, 2022... Read More.

Tommy Green of Holy Name and Run Against Traffic

I talk this week with Tommy Green about his new project Holy Name, the story behind his band Sleeping Giant, and his newest ministry. Run Against Traffic is a Non-Profit that utilizes the transformational power of Running to Rescue and Restore the Victims of... Read More.

They’re back! James Mead of Kutless

James Mead joins me on Backstage With Mothership this week and fills us in on the exciting news of Kutless' upcoming new music and their fresh vision. When he is not writing or playing music, James is the West coast regional representative for Eastern... Read More.

TJ Harris of Decyfer Down on Backstage

My guest this week is TJ Harris of Decyfer Down who is on the Death by Admiration Tour right now with Seventh Day Slumber, Spoken, and Amongst the Giants. Just before he left we chatted on the phone about the tour, new... Read More.

Amongst the Giants

My guests this week are Marco Pera and Brian Boyd of Amongst the Giants. We talk about the Death by Admiration Tour they are on and the new release Black Box. Tune in Monday night, May 2, 2022 at 8 PM EST then... Read More.

Egypt Speaks

Egypt Speaks is a dynamic poet, emcee, speaker, and author. She is my guest on Backstage With Mothership this week. Dont forget to tune in Monday night April 25th  for the show at 8... Read More.

Joseph Rojas of Seventh Day Slumber

Joseph Rojas of Seventh Day Slumber and founder/owner of Rockfest Records joins me this week on Backstage With Mothership.  The band won the Grizzly Award for rock song of the year with "What I've Become." Their new Death by Admiration Tour is about to... Read More.

Grizzly Award Replay

    Mothership here. Last Sunday I was at the Grizzly Awards where we were recognizing rock and metal artists that released music in 2021.  Also on Sunday, the CVJM Loud and Proud Festival in Germany published their final lineup for the festival. As part of... Read More.