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Mad at the World on Backstage With Mothership

Mad at the World is a Christian band formed in 1987 in Southern California by brothers Roger and Randy Rose. They came back on the scene a few years ago with their album, Hope. They are currently coming to the end of their Kickstarter... Read More.

Monica Soe of TheoTerran on Backstage With Mothership

Monica Soe of TheoTerran is the guest this week. She gives the backstory to everything TheoTerran, and fills us in on the new song released on March 15th, called Virus. In a very special last segment Jake Adams, one of the creators and loremasters... Read More.

Kelly K on Backstage With Mothership

  Kelly K is a Husband, Father, Pastor, Author, and Evangelist. With over 10 years in full time Ministry, Thousands have come to know Jesus through the messages of love, forgiveness, repentance and salvation that Kelly speaks on daily with enormous passion and wisdom.  Before... Read More.

Crimson Overtone on Backstage With Mothership

Crimson Overtone is a metal band from Marietta, Georgia that just signed with Resurrection Records. The group members originally met in a 12-Step program and now creates music to shed light on recovery in areas such as trauma, mental health, and addiction. Crimson Overtone is... Read More.

Saving Jackie on Backstage With Mothership

Siblings, Anthony and Jenny, are the guests on Backstage with Mothership. They are the founding members of the iteration of their former band Jackie On Acid, reunited with a new vibe to create Saving Jackie, a Rap/Rock group with a message of redemption for... Read More.

Aaron Michaels on Backstage With Mothership

Aaron Michaels is a singer/Songwriter from Muskogee, OK. His songs Trust and Faith Over Fear have consistently been on the top of the Christian music charts since they were released. Aaron has new music and is branching out by starting a new label. Listen in... Read More.