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Happy Labor Day! It’s Story Time This Week



Happy Labor Day! Monday’s show will be a little different. Not only do we have an hour of inspiring music, I have a couple of fun band stories to share with you. Find out what kind of things happen when you ride roller coasters with rock stars. Hear about the strange way I found myself on the main-stage at Uprise Festival.

Solid Rock Radio is a great place to hang out anytime, but don’t forget to drop in with me on Monday for Backstage With Mothership. Next week,  September 14th my guest will be Matt Baird of Spoken. It’s going to be an amazing interview that you will definitely want to hear. I have been blessed beyond measure to know these wonderful people and to minister to them. It’s the least I can do. Their music and friendships have richly ministered to me in the good and difficult times of my life. What a wonderful family the faith-based music industry is!

We will have the stories up on the archive page Tuesday evening. Again, have a Happy Labor Day!


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I am a believer, mom, wife, and a music fanatic. My love is for rock and metal bands with a faith-based worldview and my personal ministry is to serve musicianaries by providing for their touring needs. I am a co-founder of The Grizzly Awards, the first rock and metal award show for faith-based bands and I serve on the booking team of CVJM Loud and Proud Festival in Betzdorf, Germany.