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Patrick Madsen and His New Project Nesdam

This Monday Patrick Madsen, drummer for Zahna and former drummer for Random Hero, will tell us more about his new project called Nesdam. His new single “Crawl” releases on August 1st with Pre-Order available now on iTunes. Reach him at

Tune in Monday night for the show at 8 PM EST and then again Tuesday Morning at 4 AM EST. We will have the interview up on the archive page and on podcasts including Spotify soon after the show airs.   My show page can be found here: Backstage With Mothership.

Nesdam/Patrick Madsen

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I am a believer, mom, wife, and a music fanatic. My love is for rock and metal bands with a faith-based worldview and my personal ministry is to serve musicianaries by providing for their touring needs. I am a co-founder of The Grizzly Awards, the first rock and metal award show for faith-based bands and I serve on the booking team of CVJM Loud and Proud Festival in Betzdorf, Germany.