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Matt Baird Shares About the Ministry of Spoken on Backstage



My guest this Monday is my good friend, Matt Baird of Spoken. Matt is one of the hardest working and kindest musicians I know. If he isn’t writing music or in the studio, he is on the road with Spoken or doing solo acoustic tours all across the US and Europe. Spoken’s lineup may have changed a lot over the years but Spoken’s ministry and purpose has remained the same.

Our conversation covers a lot of topics this week. One of my favorite stories he shares is how a skateboard and guitar he received as gifts, as a young teen, changed his life and has affected many other lives forever. We will tell us why it’s important to be consistent in your look, and how he is dealing with a serious eye condition, and a story from his Germany travels.

No Backstage With Mothership show would be complete without talking about food. When it comes to banana pudding, who is Matt’s biggest rival? And what is his favorite candy bar? And what is his favorite place to stop on tour? Ok, most of you who know Matt already know the answer to that one, but check out the interview anyway. I can promise you a few chuckles. Of course, we will have some rocking music from Spoken and many other talented bands.

We will have the interview up on the archive page Tuesday evening.

Matt Baird
Photo By: Dylan Levernoch



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