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Michael Felker of Convictions

My guest this Monday is my friend, Michael Felker of Convictions. The Christian metalcore band from Ohio lives up to their moniker "Aggressive Worship." Michael was nominated for the Grizzly Award Scream Vocalist of the Year, their drummer, Zach Schwochow nominated for... Read More.

Veronica and TD Benton of White Collar Sideshow

I spoke with Veronica and TD Benton of White Collar Sideshow this week about their new single and video release My Warped Places. We caught up with what's been happening with them since we spoke last and had an honest discussion about mental health... Read More.

Casey Price of Forsaken Hero

Casey Price of Forsaken Hero is my guest this Monday. We have been friends on social media but met in person at The Grizzly Awards. Listen in to see what he and his band are working on and what the future holds. Tune... Read More.

The Midnight Wedding

My guests this week are Brandon and Caitlin Trlak of the Midnight Wedding. We talk about their nomination and appearance on the Grizzly Awards to working on their newly released album Anthem for the Outcast with Josiah Prince. Pressing subjects like snacks, banana pudding... Read More.

Recap of The Grizzly Awards

I would like to thank everyone who submitted music, promoted and shared the livestream, donated money, and prayed for The Second Annual Grizzly Awards. The team is humbled and grateful for the support and encouragement. This week on Backstage With Mothership we will listen... Read More.

Marco Pera of Amongst the Giants

Marco Pera   My this week my guest is multi talented musician, Marco Pera.  He is guitarist and  vocals for Amongst the Giants and is currently the a touring guitarist/bassist with Disciple. Marco has played on the road with other bands like Spoken, Seventh Day Slumber... Read More.

Drummer Dan Johnson

I coaxed my good friend, Dan Johnson out from behind his drum kit into being my guest this week. He is rarely in front of a microphone, so I thought you would enjoy learning more about him.  He has played drums for The Brian... Read More.

Josh Bramlett of The Protest talks Greater

  Join me tomorrow, Feburary1, 2021 as I catch up with Josh Bramlett of The Protest on Backstage With Mothership. Josh and I will discuss what it is like touring with COVID, new music and stories from the road. We also talk about their newest... Read More.

The Grizzly Awards Voting Has Begun

The Grizzly Awards exist to honor and invest in the passion and craftsmanship of faith-based rock and metal. Voting for the second annual awards has started January 7th so I decided to have co-founders Mary Nikkel and Joel Burris join me on the show... Read More.

Buckle up for a wild sleigh ride with GFM

Buckle up for a wild sleigh ride   Buckle up for a wild sleigh ride. The three sisters from the Beautycore band GFM, otherwise known as Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh, blew in from Florida to tell me about their new Christmas cover, "It's Beginning to Look... Read More.