This Monday, August 10, 2020,  I am chatting with Jarob Bramlett of The Protest. Not only has Jarob and his bandmates been a guest in our home, they have melted... Read More.
  Monday's guest is my good friend, Josiah Prince of one of the most loved faith based bands in the industry, Disciple. We'll learn more about Josiah's music background in Philmont... Read More.
  Last week I spoke with JR Bareis on the Backstage With Mothership Show. We had so much to talk about, I saved the second half for this Monday, July 27th. Last week's focus was... Read More.
  The Story Behind "I'm With Mothership"   Being on the road is tough, and musicianaries sacrifice a lot while touring. I love to edify them by serving them with food, gift cards,... Read More.