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Pillar drops new Christmas single

Breaking News Breaking news from Pillar, today they dropped a Christmas single, Do You Here What I Hear. This is their fist release since, One Love Revolution in 2015. For the past few days on their social media pages, Pillar has been teasing fans with ominous... Read More.

Bayless – No More Suffering

  Bayless releases, No More Suffering. Please read and share with your friends and family. Make sure you follow Bayless on all their social media platforms and watch the lyric video below! About Bayless   Bayless, is a husband and wife combo from Cheyenne, Wyoming. Jared and Vanessa... Read More.

The Grave Denial Releases Cloak & Dagger

The Grave Denial just released this music video for Cloak and Dagger. The first thing that came to my mind was an old movie released in 1984, I was only 4, but enjoyed when I was older. The only thing shared with the movie... Read More.

The Protest Official Video – Valor

About Valor The Protest dropped their new music video Valor, from the album Legacy. Legacy, the first album they released under RockFest Records that is taking the Christian Rock industry by storm. Valor is a reminder that despite the giants, oppression and pain we... Read More.

Collision Of Innocence – Running Away

About Collision Of Innocence Collision of Innocence,  is  a band from Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. They formed in January of 2018 with the release of  their first single “In Between.” Collision Of Innocence quickly grabbed the attention of radio outlets and grabbed 5 mentions on... Read More.

Random Hero Official Video – Tension

About Tension Random Hero released their brand new music video, Tension. Tension is gaining traction in the music industry and is poised to become a #1 hit. Tension debuted at #13 on Billboard Christian Album Sales. Also #21 on Billboard Heatseekers Charts and #26 on... Read More.

KFC is serving a fried chicken doughnut sandwich

KFC is serving a fried chicken doughnut sandwich! The food wars are getting crazy and it seems that companies are pulling out all the stops to compete with each other and get new customers and increase profits.  The thought of this intrigues me as... Read More.

The Solid Rock Radio Challenge

Solid Rock Radio - $5.00/month Challenge We are issuing a Solid Rock Radio Monthly Challenge! Solid Rock Radio, Inc is a listener supported station that relies on the prayers and financial support from listeners like you. We would like to challenge 20 listeners to... Read More.