The Story Behind “I’m With Mothership”


Being on the road is tough, and musicianaries sacrifice a lot while touring. I love to edify them by serving them with food, gift cards, housing, volunteering, raising funds online for critical financial needs, and meeting any other need that comes up as they are on tour. My love is for the rock and metal bands with a faith-based worldview.


 “Mothership” is born


The Mothership title was given to me by the mother of JR Bareis who is the guitarist in Spoken and Love and Death. It was a play on Mom and Blankenship, but it also fit the definition that a mothership is a vessel or craft that serves others operating far from a home port or center.  Mothership eventually shifted from a nickname into a verb at our house. My husband often asks, “are you just going to attend the concert or are you mothershipping them?”

 The “I’m With Mothership” shirts and stickers and hashtag you may seen happened quite unintentionally.  My son decided to make me a special shirt as a fun gift for Uprise Festival in 2017. The shirt said “The Bands Are With Me”, which of course is a play on the traditional “I’m With the Band” shirts. He put my nickname, “Mothership” on the back. My husband commented that he wanted a shirt that said “I’m With Mothership” so they would know we went together. My son quickly designed the art and made a shirt for him just before we left for the festival.

After seeing my husband’s shirt, quite a few people asked to buy one. At first I was surprised as to why anyone would want one. Then I realized they wanted to partner with me to support touring musicianaries. I made the shirts and the stickers available and used the proceeds to support bands I work with. People began showing up at venues in the shirt with snacks and gift bags for bands in many different states. I realized then, it had become a “thing.”

It has been wonderful to be a part of all of this. Fans wanted to serve but didn’t know where to start. I began communicating on social media when bands were going on tour, or if their van broke down, or they needed a place to stay. I get messages constantly asking how fans can help. People want to get more involved with supporting the artists that mean so much to them. I have recently created a Facebook page called “I’m With Mothership” to link people together, inform people of band needs, and entertain fans. This crazy ride has led to so many opportunities like The Grizzly Awards, CVJM Loud and Proud booking team, and Backstage With Mothership show here on Solid Rock Radio. I’m not sure where all this is going, but I am all in. – Mothership

I am a believer, mom, wife, and a music fanatic. My love is for rock and metal bands with a faith-based worldview and my personal ministry is to serve musicianaries by providing for their touring needs. I am a co-founder of The Grizzly Awards, the first rock and metal award show for faith-based bands and I serve on the booking team of CVJM Loud and Proud Festival in Betzdorf, Germany.