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Grizzly Awards Team on Backstage With Mothership

Monday, January 9th is Backstage with Mothership’s 98th Episode! My guests will be Mary Nikkel and Trevor Tyson and we will be giving listeners the latest update on The 4th Annual Grizzly Awards. Mary Nikkel, Joel Burris, and myself are co-founders of the show and Trevor came on board last year to help round out the team with his expertise. If you want to be in the know on what is happening, don’t forget to tune in Monday night at 8 PM EST. You won’t want to miss it.

Interviews are up on the archive page and on podcast platforms soon after the show airs.   The show page can be found here: Backstage With Mothership.

The Grizzly Awards

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I am a believer, mom, wife, and a music fanatic. My love is for rock and metal bands with a faith-based worldview and my personal ministry is to serve musicianaries by providing for their touring needs. I am a co-founder of The Grizzly Awards, the first rock and metal award show for faith-based bands and I serve on the booking team of CVJM Loud and Proud Festival in Betzdorf, Germany.