Broken Solid Rock Radio welcomes Broken Outreach Ministries. Broken Outreach Ministries is a Church with a New Vision. We are not bound by tradition, race, tall, short, fat, skinny and all the other things that we seem to let the world separate us with. We are God's children, and we are set here to worship Him. Facebook: BrokenOutreachMinistries
River Front Church

Solid Rock Radio welcomes River Front Church of North Augusta, SC. 

We believe that our #1 priority is Jesus and His message, #2 is our families, and #3 is the church (the bride of Christ. after these three you are free to prioritize any way you want! if video games or golf or work or Nascar is your next priority, that is great! We guarantee that you will be a spiritually healthy person as long as #1-3 are in the right order!

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