Paupers in the Papa's House

Friday, December 16, 2016 • Mr. Ralph Govea • General
How does someone deserve more than you? What is this grace that you speak of? It is not fair that God blessed the other person not you!
Read and see what Ralph, our new staff writer has to say.
Paupers in the Papa's House

How does this guy deserve that? Doesn't God know what she does? How can God bless this person? It's not fair! If you are honest, you have had these thoughts toward someone who seems to be blessed by God and was not worthy of it. (kind of how grace works) Maybe it comes from pride or a sense of entitlement and self-righteousness because we don't do "those things". I mean here comes your skinny jean, bad tattoo having, man- bun sporting bro, YOLO'd his life away, became destitute and now he is received, restored and you're like???? He even bears the namesake of the parable! Full disclosure, I relate more to our wayward friend but can't escape some lessons in observing his older brother. You play by the rules, keep your nose clean, say your prayers, take your vitamins, do your chores and remember to pray for Jerusalem with no complaining. No word from your bro, longtime gone with no sign of returning. Dad however has waited, and watched for days, months, Thanksgivings and tax seasons speed by and still an empty chair at dinner with a place setting just in case. Then one day while out in the field, you approach the house and there seems to be a huge commotion. A party has ensued and you ask the wait staff who and what this was for, and wouldn't you know your Lil bro is back? The Father comes out and pleads with you but to no avail. This sucks, but does it have to? 1. Know your Relationship Big bro never left, did all the right things and was joyless. He served, was obedient but did not live in son-ship with His FATHER. He served and toiled but never lived in the relationship and resource he had available through son-ship. 2. Know how to Party What if there is a greater, richer experience with God that you could be experiencing now? One of the older brother's complaints was that his Father never let him have any fun! The Father's reply was "Son, you are always with Me and all that I have is yours'!!! Search the Scriptures and see what Jesus has won for us! Psalm 34:8 Taste and see that He is good! You can't be upset when someone discovers the joys and fulfillment you refuse to take part in! When you have a relationship (not servitude), you will know joy and the very thought of someone meeting The Father ought to be cause to celebrate and cut a little rug. You know His goodness and what those outside stands to gain and receive! If you can't see it… you may be a pauper in the Papa's house.

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